KG0YJ's Shack:  Some older items in use or being worked on.  For Hams:  Please take a look and then 73 de Bill KG0YJ

                                                                                                              For Non-Hams:  Please enjoy looking at some ham radio equipment that I have. Bill


Multiphase Exciter

Model 20A, 1954

Central Electronics, Inc.

20 Watts, 160 to 10 meters

Crystals or VFO, Finals: (2) 6AG7 Power Pentode

Operational on 3595 Khz (21 JAN 2006)





Globe Linear Amplifier

Model LA-1, 1957

WRL Electronics, Inc.

Council Bluffs, Iowa

80 through 6 meters

300 watt input, Finals (4) EL-38 (6CN6) Pentodes

(one EL-38 tests bad, looking for replacement 21 JAN 2006) 












Heathkit Model HX-11 Transmitter

50 watts input, 1961

80 through 10 meters, CW Only, Crystal or VFO

Final (1) 6DQ6A Beam Power Tube

Operational with HG-10 VFO






Swan Model 350C Transceiver

360 Watts Input, 1969

80 through 10 meters

Finals (2) 6LQ6 TV Sweep Tubes








Kenwood TS 520S Transceiver

160 Watts Input, 1979

80 through 10 meters

Finals (2) S2001A (6146B)







100 watts Output, 1997

160 through 10 meters

(2) VFO's, Solid State


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